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Modern Slavery Policy

Introduction and Definition At Edwin Royce Recruitment, we unequivocally denounce all forms of modern slavery, including slavery, child labour, and human trafficking. These deplorable practices deprive individuals of their freedom and often involve exploitative financial schemes.

We conduct our business in a fair, ethical manner, prioritising respect for fundamental human rights. Our steadfast commitment extends to eradicating any instances of slavery, forced labour, servitude, child labour, and human trafficking within our business operations and supply chains. We maintain a zero-tolerance stance against these practices.

This policy applies to all individuals associated with Edwin Royce Recruitment, including employees, Directors, officers, workers, consultants, volunteers, suppliers, or service providers, and compliance is mandatory.

Responsibility and Oversight The Anti-Slavery Officer (ASO) at Edwin Royce Recruitment, Marc Smith, is accountable for ensuring the implementation and adherence to this policy.

Non-compliance Consequences Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary actions, including termination of employment or contractual agreements with Edwin Royce Recruitment. Legal proceedings may also be initiated as necessary.

Preventive Measures within Our Business Edwin Royce Recruitment undertakes comprehensive checks on all employees, recruitment agencies, and suppliers associated with our operations to verify their legitimacy.

Each employee is furnished with a written employment contract, and we ensure lawful remuneration for all personnel. Complying with legal obligations, we prioritise the health and safety of our employees and workers, including adherence to regulations regarding working hours, rest breaks, and holidays.

Reporting Obligations for Employees and Workers If you're an employee or worker engaged in services for Edwin Royce Recruitment, it's imperative to promptly report any suspicions of modern slavery or human trafficking within our business or supply chains to our ASO. Following your report, our ASO will conduct a thorough investigation and provide guidance on necessary actions within a reasonable timeframe.

Under this policy, any genuine concerns raised in good faith won't result in adverse treatment. This protection applies regardless of the investigation outcome. If you believe you've faced detrimental treatment after reporting concerns, immediately inform our ASO. Employees should also refer to our Grievance and Whistleblowing Policies for further guidance.

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